We Are One Campaign Media

Empowering Brands, One Campaign at a Time


Having empowered over 6,000 students from 120 countries, Ace Reddy has successfully scaled multiple businesses to 6/7 figures. Honored as the “Facebook Ads King” by his peers and with a best-selling book co-written alongside Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Ace’s commitment to digital marketing excellence is unwavering and globally recognized.


Sath, once a high-profile consultant for Amex, has navigated the corridors of powerhouses like First Data and Capgemini, leading teams of hundreds. Yet, in a bold move, he transitioned from these titans, driven by a passion to elevate small to medium-sized businesses. Today, from the heart of Ontario, Canada, he channels his extensive expertise to help these enterprises ascend to unprecedented heights.


One Campaign Media, formerly Ace Reddy Media, is a premier digital marketing agency led by industry expert Ace Reddy. With a track record of generating over $20+ million in client revenue, the agency offers a range of services including digital marketing campaigns, consulting, and world-class educational courses. With a global footprint spanning 119 countries, One Campaign Media is at the forefront of shaping the future of digital marketing.

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