Track Record

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Track Record

Best-Seller Alert: Teamed up with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington for a chart-topping hit!

The $20M Magic: Crafted strategies that raked in $20 million for our thrilled clients.

Elite Circle: Gleaming testimonials from 22 illustrious 2 comma club members.

The Framework of Dreams: Our signature approach ushered 4 starts to $1 mill+ in revenue.

From Obscure to Obvious: A Spiritual Rocks business? Helped a Client Scale it to $1.2 million in a year!

Launch Legends: Orchestrated a $250k launch in the personal development niche.

Our Global Classroom: Over 6,000 students. Countless success stories.

Echoes of Excellence: A choir of 200 stellar testimonials singing our praises.

Decade of Dominance: 10 years at the marketing pinnacle, and we’re just warming up!

Seated in Success: A massage chair venture? We turned it into a $2+ million sensation.

ROAS Rockstars: Doubled franchise sales R.O.A.S., because ordinary isn’t our style.

Triple Threat: 3x ROAS in a week? Just another day at the office.

Ad Autonomy: Empowered a client to FIRE Her agency and self-drive her way to a $30k payday.

Furniture Fortune: Created an ad masterpiece, turning four figures into six for a furniture eCom Store! (they’re still running the same ad 4 years later)

Pet Project to Profit: A pet-centric eCom store that fetched half a million in sales.

Fashionable Fortune: Took a mere $1.5k spend, and parlayed it into $10.5k in chic sales.

Gym Glory: Built a PPC marketing strategy for Mayweather Fitness Gym.

Telecom Titans: Ran a campaign and delivered thousands of leads over a six month period for a Telecom Brand. 

Literary Luminary: Skyrocketed a coach’s book sales to the 10,000!

From Green to Gold: A Superfoods Company tasted tenfold revenue growth, ending in a jackpot sale to the biggest distributor of Moringa for Six Figures!

Agency Alchemists: Consulted multiple top agencies on delivering better results for their clients. 

Digital Evolution for Legacy Brand: Elevated a century-old family-run gem, Raincap Industries, to digital stardom. Now shining atop Google rankings and raking in a new customers and clients every month!

Health Haul: Helped a very well known Doctor scale his coaching and supplement business to $200k/day!

Ad Aces: Multi-niche mastery with consistently jaw-dropping ROAS.

Star-studded Guests on Our Podcast: Jeffrey Peterson,  Robert Greene, and many others were on our podcast.

Viking Victory: One Viking mug, an eCom quest, and a $156k treasure found.

Eastern Elevation: Catapulted a Singaporean Apparel eCom Store from sporadic to splendid $1k+ days.

Facebook Fanfare: Lauded far and wide as the undisputed Facebook Ad champions.

Community Crown: Honored by Clickfunnels for our invaluable camaraderie.

Influencer Infusion: Revamped strategies for Sam Mon Voyage, amplifying success stories.

Crypto Commanders: Attracted a deluge of leads for a TOP American crypto influencer.

Supplemental Savvy: Pioneered training modules for a leading supplement manufacturer.

Tech Triumph: Drove Tekboost to a $500k monthly high. (and garnered praise from their VP)

Ice-Cold Earnings: An Ice Board venture, warmed up to $174k monthly.

Riding the Revenue Road: Grew a eCom Store in the Motorcycle niche to a roaring $50k.

Yoga Yields: Stretched a Yoga eCom Store’s revenue to a limber quarter-million with our consulting.

Global Clientele and Students: From 119 countries, our client tales sing of unparalleled success.

Funding Fiesta: After our mentorship, one client celebrated with government funding.

Sports Spectacle: Amplified a sports brand’s appeal, leading to a grand acquisition.

Electronics Elevation: Plugged in success, surging revenue to $500k in 8 months.

Awards & Applause: Recognition, accolades, and spotlight features.

Carpet Kingdom: Transformed a legacy brand, sealing a significant corporate deal in a week that was worth $10,000+.

Corporate Conquerors: Our Team consists of people that have led teams of 100’s of people in Corporate Giants like Amex, First Data and Capgemini. 

In Demand: Courted by top-tier Facebook Academies to craft premier Facebook/Google ad courses. Our expertise is sought after, even if time wasn’t on our side.

Pet eCom Prowess: Transformed a passion project into a roaring success; our pet-centric eCom store fetched an impressive half a million in sales via Facebook Ads.

Supplement Surge: Alongside a past collaborator, we supercharged a supplement business to a staggering $4.5 million peak.

Summary (In case you didn’t have the patience to the read the whole list)

We co-authored a bestseller with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, and our strategies have catalyzed over $20 million in revenue for our clients. Our crowning achievements include amplifying a spiritual rock business to $1.2 million and a supplement venture to $4.5 million. Through our digital expertise, Raincap Industries, a century-old family business, now dominates Google rankings. Notably, we played a pivotal role in the success and subsequent acquisition of a prominent sports institute. Our impact even garnered recognition on USA News.

About Us


Having empowered over 6,000 students from 120 countries, Ace Reddy has successfully scaled multiple businesses to 6/7 figures. Honored as the “Facebook Ads King” by his peers and with a best-selling book co-written alongside Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington, Ace’s commitment to digital marketing excellence is unwavering and globally recognized.


Sath, once a high-profile consultant for Amex, has navigated the corridors of powerhouses like First Data and Capgemini, leading teams of hundreds. Yet, in a bold move, he transitioned from these titans, driven by a passion to elevate small to medium-sized businesses. Today, from the heart of Ontario, Canada, he channels his extensive expertise to help these enterprises ascend to unprecedented heights.


One Campaign Media, formerly Ace Reddy Media, is a premier digital marketing agency led by industry expert Ace Reddy. With a track record of generating over $20+ million in client revenue, the agency offers a range of services including digital marketing campaigns, consulting, and world-class educational courses. With a global footprint spanning 119 countries, One Campaign Media is at the forefront of shaping the future of digital marketing.

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